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This is the website of the Family Association Huber. The Huber Family descended from Heinrich Huber in the 16th century came from Zurich to Friesland.

The Huber family has a family tree that starts from that time onwards and has been described in detail in a publication of ‘Nederland’s Patriciaat’ (ISBN: 90-70324-70-9). In it anyone can see whether and how, he or she, is descended from Heinrich Huber and see if he or she can thus become a member of the Family Association. You can also check the family tree through this website.

The Huber Family Association has existed for over 35 years and has been very active since that time.

This family website gives an impression of the enthusiasm of the association but also of the members, as evidenced by the annual often interesting family gathering.

The purpose of the Huber Family Association is to bring together the family in an annual meeting. A meeting where people get to know each other or meet again and this applies to the very young, the very old and everything in between.

In addition, the Family Association Huber pursues to gather family related documents, objects, photographs and historical narratives to describe and register. This is usually publicized in the family magazine "Huberiana" about 4 times a year. These publications, and other documents are also available on the website.

The new (physical) edition of the Huber Genealogy has been released in 2021. The pedigree is maintained by us so you can see who was born, has married and deceased. This way, the actual pedigree is also a nice reference book for the family.

It is of course important for association that family members also join the association to support our goals even though it was only financially. We also welcome stories, pictures and/or descriptions of objects for our family archives. If you happen to find yourself in our family tree, we would love you to join the association and perhaps meet you in person one day on the annual family gathering.

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